The game that will define a generation

The Game

Don't suck. Bitches get stitches.

Innovative Gameplay

Our team has spent hundreds of hours crafting the perfect balance of fun and skill so that each game feels like a breath of fresh air

Easy to learn. Hard to master.

You'll pick up the rules of the game in just a few minutes, but it will take a lifetime to master the intricacies required to play the game at a high level

Hours of Fun

No two games ever feel the same! The game that keeps on giving, no matter how many times you play!


A true bargain.

For the simple price of $100, you can get your hands on this masterpiece. Decks are selling fast, place your order before we run out! Limited quanities available.

The Team

Once in a generation, a perfect team assembles to create something brilliant. Something greater than themselves.

Calvin Mingione

Head of Operations

Steve Postlewait

Chief Engineer

Tyler Kennedy

Chief Scientist

Simon Hachey

Head of Technology

Peter Olsen

Finance Officer

Corey Pollock

Founder and Head of Beer

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